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Happy family welcomes community spirit at New Quarter

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Having rented in Bordon for several months, Hannah and her partner Scott had kept a close eye on our nearby development, New Quarter. The couple, who had a nine-month-old son, rented one of our two-bedroom apartments, so were excited to buy a new home from us too.

Hannah, 27, explains: “My partner and I were only 22/23 and didn’t have a very big income, on top of a baby to look after, and so renting through Abri Homes meant that we could afford the two-bedroom apartment we needed for our son to have his own room. We loved our flat, and were keen to eventually buy, so when we saw that Abri Homes had a new development launching in Bordon, we got very excited.”

“Scott grew up here and I moved in with him in 2014. Watching the town grow in this time through the regeneration it’s undergoing, and seeing all the new facilities come to life, we knew it’s where we wanted to raise our family. Having so many woodlands and green spaces around, especially with more coming, is lovely and we spend a lot of time exploring these with our son. There’s lots of schools, which will be great when he’s old enough to attend, and we have a great support network with friends and family nearby.

Speaking of their home, Hannah says: “We spent a lot of time pouring over the Abri Homes website so we understood exactly how the Shared Ownership scheme worked, how much we needed to save and timings of the New Quarter development, so that as soon as we got the call that they were launching, we were ready to act fast.”

"It’s so beautiful, and although it is only a short walk to the town, it’s far enough away to not be in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

“We knew a few people on this development before we even moved in, which helped, and there’s a strong community spirit already. Especially over the last few months, that has been really nice to know everyone is looking out for one another.

“Scott and I can’t wait to be able to enjoy the garden this summer, and to host our friends and family once we’re allowed. There’s lots of restaurants and pubs which we’ve discovered on our local walks, which we’re excited to try when they reopen, and to generally build a life here is something neither of us can wait for.”





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