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Creating greener homes with MMC

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We’re working hard to bring new, safe, and sustainable homes across the south of England. Let’s look at some of the ways we’re creating greener homes.


What is MMC?

Modern Methods of Construction (or MMC) is a term we give to homes built using any non-traditional methods. This often is a greener solutions for building homes, not only during the build phase but once residents are settled into their property. Homes made in this way are made to conserve energy. And we’re building to a high standard, designing light, bright and safe homes.

MMC helps to reduce waste due to the precision engineering involved. And, it speeds up delivery to give communities the homes they need to thrive even sooner. We’re working with offsite manufacturing specialist BoKlok to build 40 new homes at The Hatchings in Bristol.

The new eco-friendly homes will be built using the latest techniques in factory-built housing and incorporate sustainable features including high standards of insulation, air source heat pumps and electric car charging points. By building using MMC, the homes will use just under 4% of the carbon compared to a home built using traditional methods. That's important as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and increase air quality in our communities.

Sound like the perfect place to call home? Register your interest in our homes coming soon to The Hatchings.

The Hatchings


Making our homes sustainable and energy-efficient

Our Head of Partnership and Sustainability said it best: "Building sustainable homes reduces monthly bills, lowers carbon emissions and enhances communities."

Ensuring that homes are both cosy, energy efficient and cheap to run, Abri has partnered with four other housing associations to form the Greener Futures Partnership, representing over 600,000 customers in 300,000 homes across the UK. We're taking a sector leading approach to sustainability to improve the energy efficiency and affordability of housing, and empower the lives of our customers. Warm, secure and sustainable homes are key ingredients to creating happier and healthier communities.

Our new-build homes feature energy efficient doors and windows; and insulation. But, our homes at The Yews take it a step further. By generating energy with solar panels and wind turbines, our street lights help create safe communities without the need for external connections or hefty service charges.

The Yews


Protecting nature and biodiversity

We also work on making more space for the nature around our homes to help customers understand the importance of green space. By building sustainably, we can preserve natural ecosystems, reduce flooding and improve air quality.

But, planning and building cleaner and greener it allows not just our customers but everyone in the local community an opportunity to flourish,

Located in Portchester, Seafield View's homes have been designed with sustainability and wildlife preservation in mind. In fact, 50% of the green space is used as a nature reserve, to help protect the local ecosystem.

What's more, these homes are a stone’s throw away from Portchester's coast and perfectly located near the stunning South Downs National Park, so you could enjoy walks through nature whenever you like! Take a look at what's available at Seafield View now.


Seafield View

That's just the start of what we have in store. Take a look at the new homes coming to your area.

New homes

Or, head on over to our Shared Ownership page, where you'll find out more about what's involved.

Shared Ownership FAQs

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