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Upgrade your workspace!

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As we start to ease out of lockdown this summer, many of us will keep on working from home. We’ve put together some great ways to make your desk work for you, so keep reading to find out more!

1 – Save on space

There are loads of options for desks that can save space in your home, even if you don’t have a dedicated home office. Why not invest in a ladder desk? Both stylish and practical, this will become a great feature of any room.

Or, if you’re not working from home every day, you could look at foldable desks, or even hiding your work station away in a cupboard or alcove.


2 – Add some greenery

It’s not a surprise to anyone that houseplants can have a great impact on your mental health, so why not add some to your workspace? Succulents are a great choice – they come in a variety of sizes, are really low-maintenance, and look lovely all year round.

3 – It’s all in the detail

If you’re upgrading on a budget, there’s plenty of ways to make your desk more exciting without spending the earth. Why not reuse household items? Mason jars are great for pen or plant pots, and you could even paint them to add a pop of colour.

Hanging up pictures is a really easy way to add some colour to any room, especially if you pick out some brightly coloured frames! If you’re renting, you may be able to use command strips to protect your walls.

Check sites like Facebook Marketplace to try and bag a bargain on your furniture, and you could even have a go at upcycling!


4 – Don’t forget the lighting

The ideal workspace will have lots of natural light, so move your desk near a window if you can. If your home needs a little help in the lighting department, make sure you have a bright desk lamp that you can use. One with different brightness options is ideal, so you can create the right atmosphere for you!

If you’re looking for more room to work from home, we have a great range of two and three bedroom properties available, giving you plenty of options for a home office.

Find your new home today!

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